Speed Pros is your one-stop
shop for all of your performance
needs.  Speed Pros offers a
wide variety  of quality
performance products and
British marque
cars for all ages and tastes,
ranging from one-seaters, to
street-legal cars.
Speed Pros is run by a group of
title-holding rally and Hillclimb
Middle East Champions.  Speed
Pros is built on the idea of racing
being a way of life.  When we
race, we do it with one thing in
mind, WINNING with STYLE.  And
that's what we will deliver for your
own competition.
Speed Pros is the first to bring
Westfield Sports Cars to the
Middle East.  It is currently a
Middle East agent distributing
Westfield's legendary cars in
the following
Middle Eastern
countries as an exclusive agent.
 Visit our Westfield page for
more information.
Whether you're looking for a
blistering 3-second 0-60m street
car, or looking for a full FIA
Middle East Rally Package, Speed
Pros can provide you with the
right car for your needs, or with a
custom made solution to fit your
budget, driving style, and
comptition plans.
Authorized Exedy Dealer
Dunlop Authorized Dealer