Checkout our Westfield page for
a list of Middle Eastern
countries where you can obtain
a super-car performance
Westfield car.  For a
wide-spectrum of racing and
performance solutions based
on budget and/or specific
performance needs, checkout
our Services page.

Speed Pros offers its customers
turn-key racing solutions
ranging in nature from fully
homologated rally cars,
Hillclimb & sprint cars, to
slalom and spirited street-legal
Speed Pros was founded in the
year 2000 with the idea of
bringing high performance
standards to the fast growing
motorsport in the Middle East.
We have teamed up with
internationally distinguished
racing and performance
specialists to form Speed Pros.

Speed Pros is now the exclusive
agent for
Westfield Sports Cars
of the UK, and several other
reputable worldwide
performance providers, bringing
it all to you for your motorsport
needs in the Middle East.